Week 7 Head of Household Contest Delayed – Big Brother Network Canada

Thursdays Big Brother Canada 10 episode, host Arisa Cox tells viewers to tune in Big Brother Canada 10 live streams to watch the Buzzkilled competition live. This is a fan-favorite competition that started in Big Brother Canada 5 and performed again in Big Brother Canada 7. It’s often a fun competition to watch on streams, as it lasts for hours, includes temptations, and is all about focus and speed. This year, Buzzkilled started out like any other, with the remaining seven players (minus Martin “Marty” Frenette as outgoing head of household) standing on a podium with their hands next to their buzzers.

This head of household competition lasted a few hours before production shut down. The first round resulted in Summer sayles being the first player eliminated. She was then followed by Haleena Gill. Live Feed watchers noticed that Summer hit her buzzer faster than some of the other players, but she was eliminated. Other players also mentioned having to press their buzzer multiple times for their podium to turn green.

Only Haleena and Summer had been eliminated before the Big Brother Canada 10 live streams were interrupted. They returned after over an hour to reveal that production had reset the game. Summer and Haleena were back in the game and the clock was ticking to eliminate a first player again. This time, Summer was again eliminated first, but she said her buzzer was still having issues.

Moose said his was too. After a few minutes, an announcer came on the loudspeaker to tell the guests that due to malfunctions, the Head of Household contest was canceled for tonight and would be played tomorrow.

The production did not specify if the contest would still be Buzzkilled or if it would be a new HOH contest. Guests and Live Feed watchers were also not told what time to expect the competition or if it might take place on the streams. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see who wins the Head of Househod competition.

Join us again tomorrow to find out who wins this week’s head of household contest and who he or she nominates for eviction. Add us on Facebook and Twitterand download our app for all things BBCAN10.

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