Which Crypto Currency Will Get the Next Big Leap in the Market?

$DRG is a phenomenon token in the market, which registers 3 times its launch date, therefore predicted to prepare for high green candles.

On February 19, a veiled new token in the crypto market called $DRG, hardcap filled quickly on Pinksale, was then launched on the Poocoin platform. $DRG belongs to the Dog Rider project and will be implemented on a video game of the same title. The game will be present to P2E players on merged platforms. Dog Rider will chain to the crypto world first on the browser version, then Android, IOS versions will in turn to securely connect wallets to experience fantastic P2E entertainment. The P2E world is growing rapidly, so projects have no choice but to gain a competitive edge in service. Dog Rider is among those who use creative ideas to gain more market share. Therefore, players will be excited about the new possibilities of the Dog Rider project. Due to the statements of the team, Dog Rider is a unique game to win that benefits all the features that can constructively add fascination to gamification and game play.

The most important point about the game that must remind Dog Rider is that Dog Rider categorized on Hyper-Casual type games. Just like the real board game we’ve all played at amusement parks for decades called pull the ball, derby horse race. Video game is one that you want to play more when enjoying real-time multiplayer online entertainment.

The game will be easy, but since you are facing 3 other players, you have to be so concentrated to throw the balls towards the holes, the right angle and the proportional power needed to throw to reach the holes, which gives movement to your characters hammer if the ball falls. to the holes in the board. Who pushes the 20 steps forward first, wins the battle, so the $DRG token is distributed directly to players’ wallets based on the player’s rank! As you play, you become an expert, so recording your ranking on the boards will be available, in addition to winning real money.

Dog Rider is not one of those copycat projects that uses free codes with some graphical changes with deceptive intentions of throwing a bad token. Dog Rider is an original title with a unique UI and UX being developed with the latest global standards and $DRG is the native token alongside the Dog Rider platform after being implanted on the game with simple protocols and secure, wallets can connect directly to the gaming platform to enable all in-app transactions.

According to the public reception with the launch of $DRG on the gaming ecosystem, the good market is expected for the token, which is the reason why many holders have invested since the pioneering stages of the project. During the last Tale conference, the CEO of the project, Mr. Ursin, mentioned that FinTech opportunities are in charge of making the $DRG token and the game Dog Rider rival titles in the market.

The project has passed all security administrative steps, audit certification and KYC proofs displayed on the official website of the Dog Rider project. At the end, we must note the humanitarian goals of the Dog Rider charity. Miss Hjrot announced the ideal goals of the Dog Ride Project charity plan for the protection of homeless dogs. According to Project Tokenomics, 1% of the team’s wallet will be donated to support stray dogs.

We would have to wait for the days to come. Dog Rider is commercially available on Pancakewasp and official Dog Rider social media is available to check the latest project news.

Website: https://dogrider.games/

Telegram: https://t.me/DogRiderGroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dogridergame

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Company Name: DogRider
Contact: Theodore Ursin
E-mail: Send an email
The country: Denmark
Website: https://dogrider.games/

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