Why ‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Considers These 2 Essential Qualities In Friends

Barbara Corcoran follows her instincts when investing in entrepreneurs on shark tank. The real estate guru looks for certain personality traits in his business partners and also values ​​specific qualities when it comes to his close friends.

Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Barbara Corcoran favors a sense of humor

Corcoran has shown that she enjoys a good laugh and values ​​humor in friendships. the shark tank The star revealed that the ability to joke around is high on her priority list in friendships.

“My first qualifier is ‘Do they have a sense of humor? ‘” Corcoran told VINA in 2021. “And I use that to pick friends today. Sense of humor for me is number one. They don’t have a sense of humor? are not my friends.

The millionaire investor described a gathering where she and her friends enjoyed themselves playing a board game, where the evening was filled with laughter.

“I hosted a Scrabble party last night with eight Scrabble friends,” Corcoran explained. “I realized we were sitting there laughing and laughing and laughing, I realized every one of my Scrabble friends – because I have a lot more people who want to play Scrabble – but they’re all funny people They laugh, they enjoy life, and that’s who you want to be with.

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The ‘Shark Tank’ star loves those with a heart

Corcoran listed another personality trait that she puts at the top of her list, which she says is often not appreciated.

“The other quality, I would say the big heart,” she remarked. “The big heart is so undervalued. You get a big hearted friend, a group of big attributes comes with them. They are generous with their time, their emotions, their limited resources which they naturally want to share. They are kind to you and the people you love…. A big heart is a big one.

The real estate icon described two of her close friends and how they exhibit this endearing quality.

“My friend Edie, she’s 6ft…she’s tall, tall,” Corcoran commented. “But you know, you look at her, and all I can see is her heart is five times bigger than her waist. … Edie would do anything for any Joe on the street, I don’t care, and I’m her best friend. How lucky am I? My friend Lizzie, I mean, she was taking the shirt off her back.

Barbara Corcoran calls her friends her “best asset”

Although Corcoran has accumulated great wealth and success in the business world, she considers her closest friends to be of true worth.

“I’ve always had girlfriends and they are my best asset today,” she said. “I mean, what would you do without girlfriends?…You meet your lifelong friends when you’re young. Two categories: your first professional experience, you get your best friends. They are different from the friends you have at any other time. And when your children are young, you form a second group of best friends. After that, you’ll never make better friends like that again.

Corcoran enjoys being social and connecting with others, but noted that her best friends will always hold a special place in her heart.

“I am very friendly”, shark tank pointed out the investor. “I make friends so easily, really, because I really like people and have so many friends. But they will never be able to compete with my original friends in these two areas of my life. They are my best friends.

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