Wordle board game: How do you play? When does it come out?

Hasbro and the New York Times are finally giving people what they want: an official Wordle board game.

Driving the news: The companies announced on Thursday that they would turn the hugely popular online word game into a real board game.

  • Wordle is somewhat similar to the Mastermind game, except you have six chances to guess a five-letter word instead of a colored code. After each guess, the game tells you if any of your selected letters are in the secret word and if they are in the correct place, Deseret News reported.

How the board game works: According to Axios, the board game is quite similar to its online counterpart, except that you compete against players and try to get the fewest points (each guess is a point).

  • Hasbro also “promises the classic Wordle game rules and a few twists, including a ‘beat the clock’ mode and team-based word-guessing action,” according to Polygon.

What they say : Adam Biehl, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hasbro Gaming, said in a press release, “We are beyond excited to work with New York Times Games to bring our game worlds together and expand Wordle in new ways.”

  • Jonathan Knight, Head of Games for The New York Times, echoed Biehl’s enthusiasm for the new game in the press release, saying, “Wordle really brought us all together and that’s what makes it so special. … At New York Times Games, we focus on quality puzzles that everyone can experience together, which is why we’re thrilled to team up with Hasbro to bring a new format to the worldwide sensation of Wordle.

Details: The board game, which will be called Wordle: The Party Game, is available for pre-order through Amazon and will be released in October.

  • The game can be played by up to four people and costs $19.99.

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