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Licensed in over 100 countries, available in 37 languages, and enjoyed by a billion people since its launch in the 1930s, Monopoly is one of the best and most beloved board games of all time. However, despite its popularity, it turns out that many of us have played Monopoly poorly. According to new research, nearly half of all Monopoly players admit to making up rules, while 69% of fans haven’t even read them.

The research was conducted using the digital version of the game, which is developed and published by Marmalade Game Studio.

According to the Monopoly app developer, common made-up rules include skipping tax boxes, avoiding auctions and buying hotels too early.

The full list of the most common invented rules – which is based on the analysis of around 4 million people – can be viewed further down the page.

Fortunately, the digital version of Monopoly now gives players the option to play with their own custom rules.

Likewise, the Apple iOS and Android app contains Quick Mode for faster gameplay, as well as single-player mode, in-game video chat, and additional city and country themes.

Commenting on the rules controversy, Marmalade co-CEO Cristina Mereuta said: “Monopoly is notorious for causing arguments, and games can last over four hours, so it can be tempting to turn to the unofficial rules.

“Most digital versions of Monopoly stick strictly to the rulebook, but at Marmalade, we’ve made favorite house rules optional. After all, rulemaking is part of an 87-year tradition. , and families have ignored the official rulebook for decades.”

The 10 most popular invented rules of Monopoly…

1. All tax and fine payments go to the person who lands in the free parking lot – not a rule! Officially, free parking just gives gamers a break

2. Skip spaces such as tax boxes – this is not allowed

3. Raise £400 instead of £200 to land straight on Go – again, not a rule

4. Not being able to collect rent when you’re in jail – not according to the rules

5. Avoid auctions – officially, if a player lands on a property and doesn’t want it, the property goes directly to auction

6. Always have auctions – officially the person who lands there has the first choice to buy, but some players think they should immediately go to an auction

7. End early – officially the game ends when one person owns everything and everyone is out, but some players prefer to end when one person goes bankrupt

8. Buy hotels after three houses – the settlement says four houses

9. Get out of jail early – some players say you get out after a pitch. Officially it’s three

10. Start with properties – some like to start with three properties, even though officially you start with zero

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