Your Turn, perhaps the largest board game cafe in the United States, located in Zephyrhills

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. – Dungeons and Dragons. Index. Chess. Monopoly. You name it, chances are you can find it in downtown Zephyrhills.

Your Turn is a collection of over 2,000 board games, all housed in a downtown cafe.

“We looked here and fell in love with this little street. That, you know, is you didn’t expect it, you take this bend and all of a sudden you’re on this little main street. And you know I grew up in a town that had a main street like this,” said Your Turn owner Sarrah Vesselov. “It’s so quaint and picture perfect, and I could imagine people walking by and have coffee and play games. So it was exactly what I had in mind for this type of place.”

The idea started with a Kickstarter campaign just before COVID-19. The campaign helped Vesselov and Daniel Urdzik open the cafe and realize their vision.

“So I think starting there was a really good thing for us, because it created this feeling of people who felt they were building something together, and our original group of Kickstarter fans grew,” explained Vesselov. “Now we have a Discord server with over 100 people always having game nights with each other. So we have family game nights every other Thursday, we have RPG nights where you can learn how to play at D&D, if you like. My God, we have gaming clinics, where we have gaming gurus who will actually teach you how to play a game.”

Your Turn also features a collection of books, including a brand new selection of banned books, which the community can also read.

It’s $5 to play as many games as you want. You can find out more about the cafe and the events they host by by clicking here.

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