Zavarovalnica Triglav dd: The future of the world rests on its young people (hopes)

The Young Hopes 2021 in sports, parasports and the arts are:

• Lana Klemen, ballerina,
• Matic Štemberger, jazz pianist,
• Dejan Romih, pianist,
• Pia Novak, opera singer,
• Nik Škorjanc, artistic and literary creator,
• Leja Glojnarič, para-athlete,
• Jan Šubelj, chess player,
• Sara Čopar, sport climber,
• Lena Repinc, biathlete,
• Vid Botolin, athlete,
• Jan Ločnikar, whitewater kayaker,
• Jakob Stojanović, calm water kayaker, and
• Neja Anderle, saxophonist.

Choosing the best is a difficult task
Each year, more than 50 young talents who need extra support for further success despite the remarkable achievements they have achieved so far, apply for the Young Hopes competition. “Choosing from among young people who put extreme focus, commitment and thoroughness in their efforts to develop further and achieve clearly defined goals is far from straightforward. In order to better assess those among them who need the support given to the winners of the Young Hopes competition the most, we are conducting in-depth interviews with some of them in order to better understand their talents. in the selection process by entrusting the selection of a Young Hope to the general public through voting. We would therefore like to express our sincere thanks, on behalf of the entire committee, to all those who participated in Young Hopes 2021 by voting, ”said Metoda Debeljak, member of this year’s competition committee and director of the Department of development and training of employees of Zavarovalnica Triglav, when the winners of the competition were announced.

Committee of 8 renowned personalities
This year, the Young Hope chosen by the general public is the mountaineer Sara Čopar. The 12 other recipients of the Young Hope 2021 title were chosen this year by eight renowned personalities from the worlds of the arts, sciences, education, sport and business. Popular Slovenian singer Jadranka Juras, a long-time committee member, described her participation in the selection process as follows: “The committee members review the submitted applications with passion, daring and empathy and ultimately decide who will move on to the next round. with a heavy heart. We would love to be able to help everyone, but unfortunately funds are limited. In the field of the arts, we register applications from young people who ardently put at the service of their instrument, voice, respective brush, writing instrument, camera or ballet slippers, and I know very well how much the artistic path can to be hardworking, yet wonderful. Unfortunately, there is a downward trend in financial aid from patrons, the State and municipalities. It is therefore all the more important that the help goes to those who need it most and who at the same time show through their work that they have a strong focus, discipline, a clear vision and achievements. extraordinary under their belts. As we have been following our Young Hopes for several years, we are often able to see that we have made the right choices. As a member of the committee, I am particularly pleased that, through financial and moral support, we are helping make the dreams of the young talent chosen come true. “

When talent and commitment take wings
Winning the Young Hope competition not only brings funds that allow you to buy the (very) necessary equipment and attend national and international competitions and training, but also offers the possibility of accessing additional services that will give an additional boost to the realization of The Dreams of Young Hope. For many young people who have become Young Hope, this competition is the first opportunity to present their talent to the general public. Additionally, talented individuals become and stay connected to each other and to Zavarovalnica Triglav through Young Hopes alumni reunions. Zavarovalnica Triglav encourages them to apply to the competition for additional financial funds for sponsorship recipients who are successful internationally.

In addition to the Vse bo še v redu Institute and Zavarovalnica Triglav, this year’s Young Upsides program was supported by POP TV, Europlakat, BTC, Adriamedia and Renault Storitve.

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